Heights Church has some very special days ahead. We believe God has provided some unique opportunities locally and internationally for us over the next couple years, and we’re excited about how our Whatever It Takes campaign can continue to build His kingdom. As we focus on this generosity campaign, we are trusting that God will provide resources to reach and disciple kids, youth, and adults for Jesus throughout northern Arizona and beyond.

We know you join us in feeling thankful for all of God’s blessings, individually and as a church. Your generosity in the past has allowed us to accomplish some amazing things in recent history. Each of us now is challenged to give sacrificially, over and above our current giving, for three years. The Whatever It Takes campaign requires fervent prayer and obedience to God’s leading. With that said, I’m very encouraged that the family of Heights Church is ready for the challenge this endeavor presents.

Please take some time to look over the brochure carefully. Throughout, you will find all the details of the campaign and the resources necessary to see it become a reality. Would you prayerfully consider your part in the Whatever It Takes campaign? What you give or to what extent you partner with us is a personal decision between you and God. We are confident that what we can accomplish together will bring generations of people to Jesus.

We are praying that God will guide you, encourage you, and bless you in these next steps. You matter so much to us and to the Lord. Here’s to some inspiring and faith-building days ahead – all for His glory and the benefit of our community!

With His Love,

Bill Knotts 

Bob Hoyt

John Challinor

Ron Merrell